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Short-Term Rehabilitation

Whether you or your loved one is recovering from surgery, recuperating from a serious illness, or healing from an injury, we recognize that choosing the right setting for rehabilitation is an important decision. At Holy Trinity we offer short-stay care and post-hospital care that is designed to make for a safe and comfortable transition back home as soon as possible.

For almost thirty years, families have been choosing Holy Trinity for its excellent rehabilitation services.

Our Therapy TeamOur in-house team of rehabilitation professionals considers every resident’s needs as an opportunity to help them regain independence as soon as possible. From something as simple and precious as helping you return to and move around your home safely, to providing caregiver education and referrals for in-home support services and continued care, we are dedicated to helping each individual meet their goal.

Our rehabilitation services:

  • Are provided seven days a week
  • Include staff trained in TENS electrical stimulation, diathermy, ultrasound and other methods to improve strength building, edema control, and pain management and reduction
  • Feature state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment in a spacious gym
  • Provide a fully equipped kitchen space to practice homemaking skills
  • Provide a bathroom with adaptive equipment to evaluate safety needs before going home

Physical Therapy

Our licensed physical therapists are skilled at helping residents rebuild strength and mobility after surgery, an illness, or an injury, to return residents to as much independence as possible.

staff member providing thereapy services to resident two staff members posing with resident staff member providing thereapy services to resident

Speech Therapy

Our licensed speech therapists work with residents to improve speech if needed, and to improve their ability to eat and swallow safely.

staff member providing thereapy services to resident

Occupational Therapy

Our licensed occupational therapists can help to retrain residents in life skills like cooking, cleaning, self-care, and daily activities helpful for independence.

staff member providing thereapy services to resident