Group of seniors having tea and talking with nurse.

Our Dining Services

Our main dining room features casual, restaurant-style décor, with plenty of opportunities for residents to socialize with friends in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

In addition to the main dining room, there are smaller café-style dining areas on the three unit floors.

Dining menus feature home-made soup daily and fresh baked goods. Residents select their meals for the day from menus with multiple options. At Holy Trinity we understand that food nourishes the body and the spirit, and that selecting from an appealing menu is a fun part of every day.

Our registered dietician plays an integral role in meal planning, working closely with dining staff.

The menu is also developed with input from the Resident Council, and often contains special requests, such as Greek, Albanian and Mediterranean specialties. 

We also offer delicious options for salt- and sugar-restricted diets.

Sample Menu