As a former patient in your facility for rehabilitation (in April), I want you to know how much I appreciated your whole staff. As a gastric bypass patient, I appreciated the special attention paid to my special needs... If I ever need rehabilitation again, you are the place I would like to go.
Betty O.
The staff at Holy Trinity are very special, especially the physical and occupational therapists (and other specialties). On behalf of myself and my entire family, we would like to thank you for the time and attention you were able to give to our Mom when she needed to stay for rehabilitation. It was an extremely difficult time as she has dementia and because of the Covid restrictions at the time. She was alone in the hospital without any of her children to help her understand where she was and what was going on…When she later arrived at Holy Trinity, it was truly a blessing. Staff tested us and used every precaution for us to be with our mother as much as needed…We felt a giant sense of relief knowing she was in such good hands. On a sidenote, the food is outstanding! I could not believe the meals they prepared for our mom. Thank you, Holy Trinity Rehabilitation, for everything you did and continue to do. We would not hesitate to recommend your facility to any family or friend in need of rehabilitation service.
Maria D.
I am eternally grateful for the loving, tender care my husband Bill received while a resident at Holy Trinity. I have spoken to the Medical Director several times about the politeness of your multi-disciplinary staff towards Bill and myself; your hospitality is genuinely forthcoming.

Bill had incurred hospitalizations and three major surgeries prior to admission to Holy Trinity; all in the course of six months. He has often mentioned to me how hopeless he feels in that he cannot walk like you or I. Again, I compliment your personnel in that wherever possible, the Nursing and Housekeeping staff tried to empower Bill by encouraging him to take “one step at a time” and not to expect to recover by leaps and bounds.

Right now, we are adjusting to the transition home, and his doctors are quite please with his progress. Thank you all so much.
Of course, I support Holy Trinity Nursing & Rehabilitation Center! I know that they work very hard every day to care for my mom. I will continue to support the Center as they provide a great service to all seniors and offer members of the Greek community a warm and welcoming environment.
Foti P.
My husband Irving and I, as his wife and daily visitor, came to Holy Trinity as complete strangers. Nevertheless, Irving received not only the most capable physical care, but also the kindest attention possible. This consideration was also extended to me and members of our family by everyone on the staff. Thank you, all of you, for helping us through Irving’s last days with us.
Eleanor E.
Our family would like to extend to all of the wonderful staff at Holy Trinity our love and affection in making Harold H.’s time spent there as pleasant as it could possibly be. He was very happy when he was there. Keep up all the good things you do…you are the greatest!
Patricia G.
During a very difficult time, the care Holy Trinity gave to my mother as she was dying was exceptional. Your staff showed great compassion and caring in a time of need. Thank you!
Barbara C.
We appreciate the devotion given to our mother while she was in your care. She lived a wonderful, healthy life, was a hard worker, and was very devoted to her family, especially to her grandchildren. Thank you for your wonderful care; she will be missed.
Helen T.
We just wanted to say thank you to the staff at Holy Trinity. Their thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated during my mother’s stay there and during her passing. It was the consideration shown by the staff that helped ease our pain during those final days.
Family of Alice H.
I would like to express to you my deepest gratitude for all the care that you have given my father during his long stay at Holy Trinity. I fully recognize that it is a very difficult job dealing with those who are elderly and chronically ill. You are all special people to me, and I will never forget you.
John R.
May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the entire staff of Holy Trinity for the expert care and love they provided my wife, Maria, in the past year. During my visits with Marie, I was impressed with the continuing care and support provided by the nurses and nurse’s assistants. Please tell them how appreciative I am for all their kindness and excellent care.
Earl W.
When she arrived at Holy Trinity, mom was not able to stand or walk. After working with their rehab team for six weeks, she was up and moving, a big first step on her road to recovery. She was, then, able to return home to continue her physical and occupational therapies, and as of today, she has not used the lift in two months and can make big steps and turns with the walker. She is getting stronger every day, and her mind is also much clearer. This would not have been possible without the wonderful initial care she received at Holy Trinity.
Steve J.
I just wanted to express my and my brothers’ deep and sincere appreciation for the great care you provided my mother last November. It was a difficult time for my family, but your efforts made it go very smoothly. I always felt comfortable and secure knowing she was so well taken care of. Holy Trinity is tops in my book.
Edward D., M.D

On behalf of my family, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the fabulous care my aunt received at your facility. The care and compassion our entire family received during this most difficult time will always be remembered.
Gene P.
I’ll never be able to properly acknowledge all that you did on my behalf. Never have I had the good fortune to be associated with so many fine people. The level of care and the manner in which it is provided prove, beyond a doubt, that you ‘do’ care about those who are entrusted to your care… Holy Trinity’s personnel go ‘above and beyond’ what is required to render special services to its clients and residents each and every day. My deepest gratitude to you all!
Paul G.
On behalf of my family, I wish to thank the entire staff at Holy Trinity for the expert care, compassion, and thoughtfulness given to both my grandmother (“AP”), as well as to all of us.

Although my grandmother had been accepted at several other nursing facilities, we chose Holy Trinity to provide her end-of-life care. Retrospectively, we are more than pleased we did.

From the very first day, the entire staff was welcoming, and genuinely interested to know what would make my grandmother as well as the family more comfortable during this difficult time. As my grandmother’s condition deteriorated, the staff took the initiative to offer us a private room so that we could spend quiet moments together. They brought us daily carafes of coffee, as well as accompaniments...and towards the end even diner trays for the entire family. Many staff members stopped us in the halls to express their concerns and offer their assistance. The nursing staff struck a difficult balance of letting us know that they were available to us without being intrusive. When the family took breaks in the day room to eat, the nursing staff took those opportunities to clean and reposition my grandmother whether our breaks coincided with what they had to do or not.

This is just a small sampling of how your staff went out of their way to make a demanding situation bearable...