Our Story

Holy Trinity Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was founded in 1994 through the collaboration of twelve Eastern Orthodox Christian churches in central Massachusetts. These community churches were of different ethnicities, such as Greek, Antiochian, Albanian and Romanian, but they shared a common faith and a wish to provide a loving, supportive environment for those who are in need of nursing care. Here at Holy Trinity we believe that hospitality and extending kindness to strangers is an important part of Christian life.

This belief is conveyed in the image of the three angels on our logo. The angels are a part of a larger icon representing “The Hospitality of Abraham,” a story in the Book of Genesis, about three angels visiting the patriarch Abraham. Although Abraham didn’t know the strangers, he offered them his hospitality. In exchange, the angels promised him that through him, all the families on earth would be blessed. Over the centuries of church history, the three angels came to represent the Holy Trinity.

Since 1994, Holy Trinity Nursing and Rehabilitation has been committed to providing quality and compassionate care to all who come through our doors, for rehabilitation, long-term care, palliative care for those living with serious illness, and skilled nursing care. We welcome individuals of all faiths, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds.

Council of Eastern Orthodox Churches of Central Massachusetts